Crude Oil Blending

Keeping Your Blending Process Running Under Challenging Conditions

How do you keep your plant safe, productive and cost-effective when you face the challenge of maintaining the existing high energy consuming blending equipment? This is the problem we solve for customers around the world, giving them the peace of mind.

Pulse Air Mixing System is designed for heavy duty, energy efficient mixing of large storage tanks. The mixing process works by pulsing large pulse of compressed air/gas through a series of accumulation plates welded to the tank floor. The energy from each pulse is released laterally across the tank floor to stir up and agitate particles and sludge in the tank and bringing this material to the surface.


Boost Revenues and Profits

We can help businesses to reduce their operational cost by increasing the productivity in the blending process. In the long run, great savings can be achieved.
  • Little air / energy consumption, reducing operation cost
  • No gears, motors and seals results in low maintenance required
  • Minimal space constraints and can be installed around heating elements
  • Designed to fit any shapes and sizes of tanks
  • Can cater for light or high viscosity products
  • Safe to use in Class 1, Div. 1 environment
  • Improve production & reduce sludge
  • Reduce disposal waste costs
  • Out perform side entry mixers by up to 6 times faster

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