Lube Oil Blending

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Increasingly stringent product quality, flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness are the standard requirements for today’s lubricant oil blending plants.

The lubricant segments consists of mineral base synthetic base and bio-base thus leading to the ever increasing of formulation in number which contributed to the complexity of handling, blending, packaging and storage of various types of additives and base oil.

In Premier Six, we help businesses to resolve their blending requirement by providing our Pulse Air Mixing system.

The Pulse Air Mixing System has become the world leader for fast, energy efficient and low maintenance mixing and blending system for lubricants, fuels and other petro-chemical products. Our powerful and innovative mixing technology allows customers to significantly reduce energy costs, reduce maintenance and can be designed to fit any size or number of tanks.


Reduce and Control Your Operating Costs

We can help businesses to reduce their operational cost by increasing the productivity in the blending process. In the long run, great savings can be achieved.
  • Little air / energy consumption, reducing operation cost
  • No gears, motors and seals results in low maintenance required
  • Flexible in varying speed of mixing
  • Minimal space constraints and can be installed around heating elements
  • Designed to fit any shapes and sizes of tanks
  • Can cater for light or high viscosity products

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