Paint and Coating Mixing

Everything Looks Better with Pulse Air Mixing

The paint and coating mixing process are fast, highly efficient and uses less energy to uniformly mix and re-blend separated and settle solids in mixture. The process is ideal for all size tanks, totes and drums. Our industrial mixing systems are highly efficient, cost-effective and well suited for any mixture regardless of its viscosity.


Reduce and Control Your Operating Costs

Pulse Mixer offers a full range of bulk tank mixers for paint and coatings that include a 2000L drum mixer, a tote mixer (stainless steel, plastic, cardboard or “bag in a box”) and an IBC mixer (Intermediate Bulk Containers). For larger individual ink & pigment mixing tanks as well as tank farms, we offer custom built mixing solutions.
  • Eliminates the risk of repellency
  • Mixing systems will fit any size tank
  • Uses less energy than alternative options
  • Reduce mixing times and eliminates downtime
  • Helps control foaming, skinning and air entrainment
  • Yields a more fully homogenized mixture with less efforts
  • Eliminates need for costly electrical mixers that need to be explosion proof
  • Quickly brings the finished product to full color strength after adding heavy pigments & powder additives

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