Waste Water Blending

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We live in a world where resources are limited, especially for potable water. It is important where waste water  that goes down our drains is treated before discharging it back into the environment. There are multiple ways to treat wastewater, and the better the process, the higher the percentage that it can be reused before it gets dumped into the ocean


Keeping Things Lean and Effective

The efficient vertical mixing tank process is proven to mix all types of liquids including high viscosity and high percentage of solid liquids. The wastewater treatment tank mixing systems are robust, powerful, energy efficient and require zero in-tank maintenance. Furthermore, Pulse Air Mixing Systems can be found in every phase of waste water treatment processes and always mixes faster, more efficiently and with less main maintenance than mechanical mixers and jet mixing systems.
  • Low space requirement / space management
  • Less equipment maintenance / spare parts requirements
  • Reduce daily energy consumption & plant operational cost
  • Increased energy savings in place of conventional mechanical mixers
  • Effective aeration with reduced noise and odor nuisance

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