Portable Mixer - PM200/1000

The PM Series is a portable mixer that is compact enough to be held in your hands. It is a powerful, variable speed controlled and flexible handheld mixer to mix light to heavy viscosity products and the options of flexible add-on devices/attachments to cater for each type of container/tank blending requirement.

Best Companion in Portable Mixing

Besides the flexibility to cater for different size and types of containers/tanks-ranging from small containers to big tanks, the portable mixer also features variable speed mixing and power settings for low and high viscosity product mix. With its easy-to-use handheld controller, they can easily adjust various power & mixing speed for each application.
With the flexibility and its comprehensive features, the Pulse Air PM 200/1000 will be the ideal choice to use for mixing for small batches on a ad-hoc basis at anywhere and in a timely manner, especially for situations where all blending kettles are fully occupied or when the blending tank is too big for a smaller batch blending!


Suitability:       200L drum, 1000L IBC, up to 2000L

Dimensions:    300mmL x 150mmW x 100mmH

Weight:             2.38kg

Probe Length: Fixed length based on requirement

Pulse rate:       20~30 pulses/min

  • Adjustable speed & power
  • Sanitary, food-grade stainless steel
  • All-pneumatic lightweight controller
  • Non-shear mixing process
  • Mix at any liquid level
  • Easy to operate and clean