Portable Mixer Enclosure System - PMES

Catered for the need of a smaller, yet powerful batch mixer, the PMES Series was developed to provide blending solution for large single or multiple tank layout with capacities ranging from 2,000 to 30,000litres.

Built for Power and Convenience

The PMES system is pneumatically controlled and contain no electrical components, it meets the requirement for hazardous environments, including Class 1, Division 1 criteria and international IP-65.

The PMES provides excellent performance and flexibility to modest operations, allowing users to perform mixing with minimal structural modification to existing tanks. With only one PMES controller, you can easily blend your products in whichever tanks that are installed with the system!



Suitability:      Pre-mix tanks, Small blending                                           tanks, Up to 30,000L

Dimensions:    500mmL x 300mmW x 300mmH

Weight:             15.9kg

  • Adjustable speed & power
  • Sanitary, food-grade stainless steel
  • All-pneumatic lightweight controller
  • Non-shear mixing process
  • Mix at any liquid level
  • Easy to operate and clean