Tank Network - TN Series

The TN Series Mixing Systems can fit in and operate in almost any design of tank shape, size and volume; be it round, square, rectangular, short and wide or tall and narrow, as a single tank or multiple tanks simultaneously.

The TN series has no limitations on the mixing level or volume in the tank and it is viscosity independent. Mixing can start with just a few centimeters of the product in the tank or even when there is no product in the tank! In addition, Pulse Air offers flexibility for variable speed mixing requirements where the parameter setting can be easily set to cater to a wide range of products ranging from light viscosity to very heavy viscosity products.

Best Solution In Tank Mixing

The TN Series comes with a standard 5.7” touch screen for ease usage. The systems uses a common mixing parameter setting for its mixing applications in the desired tanks in the same group. The parameter can be set easily for various mixing applications or pre-set to the desired parameter setting to mix a wider range of product applications.

TN Series is a simple to operate and cost effective system that is specially designed for batch mixing tank capacity from 1m3 to 2,000m3. It is catered for mixing applications only and is available as a fully pneumatic system or electro-pneumatic system that can mix a single tank or up to a maximum of ten (10) tanks that are located in the same area grouping simultaneously.


Suitability: Up to 100,000L in tank capacity

Pulse rate: Fully adjustable

  • Adjustable speed & power
  • Sanitary, food-grade stainless steel
  • Non-shear mixing process
  • Mix at any liquid level
  • Easy to operate and clean